Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Feeling of the heart

Name: Rita Carvalho
From: Shoreline, Washington
Grade: 12
School: Shorewood high school
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Not everyone volunteers, we think it is a tedious task that takes up time better
used doing something else. But the fact is that once you do start
volunteering it is something we want to keep doing.

I have been volunteering for four years now. Not the entire time but for a good
amount. I have dedicated two yourself each week to volunteering. This
may not seem like much but the help I provide is much appreciated by
everyone. I am not a very good people person so I decide to work with
animals more often.

I had first started out volunteering at Little Bit Therapeutic Riding. It was a hour
drive there to walk along the rider helping them with instructions,
or cleaning the riding equipment. I did this for two hours each
Saturday. It gave me a fulfilling sense of compassion, like I was
doing something important even if it was small.

I am now volunteering at Seattle Area Feline Rescue doing minuscule work. It
is only a five minute walk and I go there every Sunday for two house.
I clean cages, crates, dishes, laundry and any other task that needs
to be done. It is a good feeling to know I am helping a small life in
some way. The cats are all adorable and the people I work with are

Volunteering is something you do out of the goodness in your heart. It gives a
fulfilling sense of accomplishment that you are helping in some way.
I will definitely continue to volunteer when I have the time.

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