Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Forward looking

Name: Angela Nicole Leyvas
From: El Centro, Ca
Grade: 12
School: Southwest Highschool
Votes: 0

Forward looking

As a senior in high school I took most of my time volunteering at the
snack bar during high school events during the year. I would usually
go whenever they needed my help for about two to three hours
depending on what was needed to be done. As a volunteer I had to get
things ready. I had to prepare drinks, popcorn, nachos, and make sure
all the merchandise we were going to sell were displayed
appropriately for customers view.

My biggest challenge was trying not to get into people’s way during
halftime which was our busiest time for us and to get to everyone
order done fast so they can get to their seats bride halftime was
over. Being a volunteer for the booster club made me feel good
because in a way you are helping your school raise money for field
trips and other expenses that the school wish to do with. I have
learned that you need to learn how to communicate well with the
people you’re working with and to memorize people’s orders and
prices that are listed.

As seniors we start look into the future, deciding what we are going
to do with our lives. What forward looking means to me is what are we
seeing ourselves doing in the future. I want to see more kids do
things for their school and to raise money to buy computers and such
that they might or might not need. I don’t think that my volunteer
activities would make a difference in the future because that money
usually gets spent that year. However every year is different so the
school could get better depending on their sales.

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