Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Why I Give Back

Name: Greg Andaloro
From: Santa Barbara, CA
Grade: 12
School: San Marcos High School
Votes: 0


Why I Give Back

I grew up at the YMCA. There I learned to swim, attended camps, and
played sports of all sorts. So when it became time to select an
organization for community service, it was natural that I would
become a counselor in training at the YMCA. I have volunteered
extensively over past few summers (over 200 hours of community
service) as a counselor in training. As a CIT I have worked with
kids of all ages and demographics and helped them develop their
interests as well as have a good time at summer camp. I worked with
several different types of camps to get a wide range of experience
including sports camp, my favorite.

At the end of my second summer I was acknowledged by the youth sports
director and the associate executive director as being the best CIT
they had ever had, and I was given a certificate to go along with my
accomplishment. I was also asked if I would be interested in serving
as a teen board member on the board of managers for the YMCA. After a
competitive interview process, completed by answering questions in
front of the 20 current board members, I was selected and I have
served as one of the two teen board member for the past two years.

As a member of the board I enjoy all the rights and responsibilities of
regular board members. I help with the operations of the YMCA so that
it can carry out its priorities and projects. I also serve on the
program/membership committee, which works to improve the
functionality of programs and membership. I have met community
leaders through my work on the board and been exposed to business
operations. As a board member I feel I have made a positive
contribution to our community with my input and help. The position
has also required me to step outside my comfort zone and learn new
skills such as public speaking, fundraising during the annual
campaign, and board operations and protocols.
I’m proud of the
commitment and contributions I have made to such a positive
organization. Not only did I forge wonderful friendships and build a
new-found confidence, but I made a lasting difference in my
community. My hope for the future is that others will get as much out
of this program as I did when I was a kid.

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