Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – I give you my heart

Name: Jordan
From: Mesquite, Texas
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I have volunteered at numerous organizations to not only meet the the expectations of a
virtuous erudite, but because giving back to a community that
nurtured me from a boy to the young man I am today, is a privilege.
To give back to my community I have offered my assistance to
coordinators of the special olympics and the Metropolitan Dream
Center in which, I helped provide meals and clothing to
underprivileged families because I myself was in the same situation
that they face on a daily basis. I owe it to the community not only
as a future scholar, but as a human-being with morals.

Giving to the community is extremely important. Knowing that I can help
those less fortunate than myself is what truly defines a man as well
as a scholar. Education has always been and will always be why
drives a scholar, but volunteering and helping others will always be
a scholar’s true goal. For example, I volunteered in my
neighborhood through an elementary school in which I offered my
assistance in event which helped young, developing minds with vast
subject of mathematics while making it fun known to many as “Family
Math Night”. I didn’t just volunteer just for service hours or to
meet the requirements that go along with being an eventual scholar.
I did it because it was helping others which is what I strive for.
Volunteering one’s community is truly virtuous and what future
scholars, such as myself, would do everyday despite taking time away
from one’s personal desires.

Furthermore, I also gained volunteer hours to meet the expectations that this
organization by providing my assistance to the coordinators of the
special olympics. Providing aid whenever the coordinators needed me.
I didn’t mind the fact I had to get early on a Saturday to go and
help those because I prefer to put the group ahead of myself no
matter the circumstance. Helping the community that helped raise me
and offer guidance is why it is always to help because seeing others
prosper is always better than giving into selfish desires which is
what many non-scholars do everyday. Whether we want to face it or
not. Providing meals clothes is only part of the volunteer work I
plan to do. Hopefully, if I am accepted to be a scholar by this
organization, I can do even more work in my community now that others
will look toward me for help no matter what degree of suffering their
plight may hold.

To conclude, I have volunteered at numerous organizations to meet the
expectations of being a human-being. However, volunteering is more
than just acquiring service hours to receive a scholarship. Its honor
to give back to my community as they once did for me. For without
them, there’s no guarantee I’d be here applying for this
scholarship today. That’s why, if I’m accepted for this financial
aid, I will use everything I’ve obtained to give even more back to
my community because I owe them the world.

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