Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Give and you’ll recieve

Name: Alecia Boyd
From: ocala, Florida
Grade: 12th
School: Vanguard High School
Votes: 0

Giving back to a community in need has become a great passion of mine. After
volunteering in Ocala, Florida for about 3 weeks, I realized how
important it is to help those who are less fortunate. My whole
perspective on life and society has changed; there are so many things
that do not matter as much as it used to. What really matters is
keeping God first, safety, health, and family/friends. As my group in
Ocala worked with the variety of homeless people, I learned how
homeless shelters worked with the homeless to get them a house and a
job. After I saw how happy and blessed the now employed and housed
people were, I realized that I wanted to be a part of this social
change; and I realized how blessed and fortunate I am, even if I’m
not always happy.

I want people to look at homeless people as people, and realize
that everybody has a story and no one chooses to live on the
streets, and under bridges and railways. My responsibilities included
a variety of daily chores/activities, which were cleaning trash off
of the street, and cooking for different homeless shelters; also
giving warm clothes and food. The hardest part of my volunteer
experience was to see how many people strive day to day, in our
country, to take care of themselves and their family. It was very
difficult, and emotional, to see children not getting the adequate
amount of education, food and/or rest they deserve. There are more
homeless children in the world than there are homeless adults. In my
eyes, education is a right, not a privilege; and I believe everyone
deserves one. My plans are to help the homeless in any way I can, for
years to; and hopefully see less people on the streets. Any amount of
money awarded to me would not only benefit my family and I, but it
would also benefit my future when working with the homeless
population. The more money I have in pocket after graduating high
school, the more I can financially put towards homeless shelters. Our
organization spent countless hours, and days, helping the
homeless. I would estimate that I spent around 5 hours per week from
October to December (not including winter break). I hope that in ten,
twenty, or even thirty years, I will be either working for a homeless
shelter, or opening up my own shelter. I believe that any way I can
help serve my own community or any community can make a huge
difference in the world. Even if I have fed one homeless child when
he/she is hungry, I have made a difference.

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