Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Giving Back

Name: Andrea Williams
From: Prairie View , TX - Texas
Grade: College Sophomore
School: Prairie View A&M University
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Giving back is something that has always been important to me, the
satisfaction of giving someone a smile is the best feeling in the
world. I have been doing volunteer work since I was in middle school,
my dad has always taught my sibling and I that we are never too good
to do right by others. Volunteering has taught me how to expand my
social network because you meet a lot of new people when
volunteering. I learned that by helping others most of the time you
get help later in return. I have also learned how to be humble, and
how to appreciate my life and not judge people on theirs. I feel like
volunteer work has made me so much more of a motivated and positive

When I volunteered at HomeInstead it was probably the most fun I had
volunteering, but there was a lot of work that went into it.
HomeInstead is a senior care center, and it’s for people working
straight forward with the elderly, or in the office talking to new
caregivers. For my assignment I was responsible for making posters to
advertise the Christmas gift donations that we were going to give to
nursing homes. I was also in charge of making male or female
Christmas ornaments so the donators could pick who they wanted to
donate to. After all the donations where sent in I was responsible
for wrapping the gifts, and later going to the nursing homes and
giving away the gifts. We played games and did raffles and the
winners got majority of the gifts. We also sang Christmas carols and
helped hand out food.

The biggest challenge volunteering at
HomeInstead was probably the fact that I did majority of it by
myself, so critical thinking played a big part in how I was going to
make the advisement special. Volunteer work in general can be a hard
task because I have done so much of it over the years. The biggest
challenge in general for me is when the people in charge of the
events make the event seem a little unimportant. I’ve volunteered
and it seemed as if the volunteer were up on their feet running the
event more so than the sponsors. Most volunteers take it very
seriously because they genuinely care about helping out, and making a
difference rather than just being there to put something on a resume.
I chose to volunteer at HomeInstead because growing up my grandmother
use to always take me and my sister to nursing homes. We use to go to
just talk to the seniors, and it always made them happy just to have
someone say something as simple as “hi”. I have a soft spot for
the elderly, and all they want is a little bit of someone’s time. I
have built relationships with some of the seniors at nursing homes as
well. Volunteering at Homeinstead, I thought, it is Christmas what a
perfect time to give back.

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