Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – giving Back

Name: Angela Rizzo
From: Franklin Square, NY
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The Ronald McDonald House was created in order to provide families a
place to stay while their child is getting treated for cancer.
Filled with vibrant colors and a very warm welcoming
environment, many people walk in and out of these establishments with
a common goal;  cancer has a cure that needs to be found to save
lives.  Because joy in a time of illness is very scarce,
community service I participate in includes baking on Fridays for
families that stay at The Ronald McDonald House.  

    A big doll house with a pink Barbie car stands ahead of me as I walked
through the front door.  With three containers of frosting,
boxes of cake mix, and cookie dough, I was in complete awe.  The
Ronald McDonald house gave off such a wonderful vibe, one that
cleared your mind from all adversaries and brought you into a magical
world.  I could not help but smile from ear to ear.  After
I put my bags down, I took a tour of the whole facility, including
the newly finished wing.  While I am a die-heart Yankee fan, I
will never forget how cool the Met themed room was.  From
animals to rainbows to sports to spas, The Ronald McDonald house had
so much to offer.  I was shocked at how amazing the artwork was
and how much this organization had to offer to these families.  Then
boom, I was blown away once again by the kitchens.  

     For the rest of this day, I put on my apron with my friends and got to
baking.  I embraced hope with every stir of the cake batter,
rolled out the dough full of life and sprinkled on joy when they were
done baking.  When we were finished we cleaned up and waited for
families to come into the kitchen.  

    The most rewarding part of the day was to see the smile on the faces of
the parents and family members as they saw the goodies.  One
family came over and told us their personal story.  With tears
rolling down my face I knew that a simple act of baking can truly
make someone’s day.  As it was the holiday season, this family
told us all about their family traditions and how cancer would not
stop them from having an amazing Christmas.  At this moment, I
realized that it’s the little things like giving back and being with
family and friends that really matter.  I’m extremely excited to
say that this Christmas I get to go with the Save Our Society Club at
school and cook a full meal for families who need love and support.

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