Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Giving Back

Name: Lydia B. Swayze
From: Carson, WA
Grade: 10th
School: Stevenson high school
Votes: 18

Giving Back

Lydia Swayze

Giving back to you community is always a good thing to do. Volunteering can
make a huge difference in high school students’ lives and the
individuals they help in our community. Volunteering is a great way
to give back to your community and there are so many opportunities.

When volunteering I usually go to animal shelters, help the elderly, or
visit family and friends that need are in need. Volunteering makes me
appreciate the little things in life like food, clothes and loved
ones. I try to volunteer at least once or twice a month for a couple
hours. I think that everyone should volunteer at least once in their
lives. Volunteering helps you learn a wide variety of skills,
including, knowledge of what things need to be done in your
community, valuable social skills overall it makes you feel good
about yourself.

Volunteering can teach you many things; how to work with others, dealing with hard
situations, the most important attribute, how to give your personal
time and hard work to people in need without getting paid. This is a
huge lesson in life. My volunteer experiences have been good and bad,
but they have all taught me something I use every day. The hardest
part for me is seeing people with struggling and animals without
homes. Even though there are sad events that can happen when I
volunteer, I try to take a positive look on the situation. The
thought of helping someone makes up for the sad parts, and helping
people is a really good feeling.

Volunteering has affected my future for the best, it has helped me learn valuable
social skills, grow as a person, and has shown me that the youth of
today really need to get out and help their communities and
volunteer. If I hadn’t made the choice to volunteer I think it
would have affected my life in a negative way, I don’t ting I would
be the person I am today.

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