Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Giving Back as a 4H Leader

Name: Cheyenne Harper
From: Rohnert Park, CA
Grade: Freshman in College
School: Sonoma State University
Votes: 0

Giving Back as a 4H Leader

Over my many years as a 4H member, I have gained many positive qualities.
Because I have held the elected positions of corresponding secretary,
hospitality, vice president, and president I have learned how to be
an effective, proactive leader. One of the biggest lessons 4H has
taught me is to love helping others and that even if something is
good you can still find ways to go above and beyond. Now that I have
aged out as a 4H member, I volunteer as an adult leader. I have
created a new project to help high school students attain their goals
of attending college. When I was in high school, I didn’t know what
to expect or how to prepare for college. I am working with my project
members to learn how to apply to colleges. One of my objectives is to
teach my members to love helping their community. To do this I have
our group as a team think of new helpful community services and
continue to support ones members have created in the past, like my
two community services; collecting Halloween costumes and “Cash 4
Cows.” As a youth I created those two community services. I would
collect, clean, and sort Halloween costumes with my 4H club to donate
to a local women’s shelter for the children there. Not only are
they able to have costumes for the children that wouldn’t have
them, the shelter is able to sell the excess in their thrift store.
“Cash 4 Cows” helped broaden my scope of community service. I
worked with World Vision to help under developed countries. Our 4H
club collected enough money to donate a few farm animals and some
medication. I plan activities and monthly meetings for my members. I
spend around 4 hours a month during school time and around 10 hours a
month during school breaks. A challenge I faced is getting members to
sign up for my project. For my first year as a leader for this
project, I only have three members. But, this will help to learn how
to lead better. My biggest satisfaction is that one of my members
received the Presidential Volunteer Service Award. The look on her
face when it was presented to her was so worthwhile. I plan to
continue being a 4H leader. I have learned so much in 4H and I enjoy
helping new members learn about the projects that interest them. I
feel I have a really great rapport with the members. Volunteering as
a leader that helps youth with community service is a twofold
accomplishment. What is really special to me, is that doing good
works is a way of life for me. It is something that I cannot see my
life without. I hope to instill this love of community service in the
4H members, my friends, and my family.

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