Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Giving Back

Name: Olivia Wheeler
From: Sartell, MN
Grade: 12th
School: Sartell High School
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Olivia Wheeler

Youth Forward

April 23rd,

Giving Back

I volunteer with
both the elderly and the youth. Although, I’m with the younger
generation more. I actually chose to volunteer with them for the sole
purpose of my love for children. I volunteer every Tuesday and
Thursday morning at the elementary and middle school. On Wednesday
and Thursday’s I volunteer after school at our local nursing home.
With the children, I go and help with developing their social skills,
which usually involves an activity or game, I also go there and have
them read to me for about an hour each day. With the elderly, I go
there and play games with them and just keep them company. My biggest
challenge with volunteering is building a relationship with the kids.
The kids that I volunteer with usually have social issues and
problems at home, it is hard for them to trust anybody. The most
satisfying part of my volunteerism is seeing the kids grow and
develop in ways that I thought would be impossible.

Volunteering has taught me many things including problem solving,
leadership, communication, professionalism, teamwork, creativity and
confidence. I do not think that my volunteering will be directly
connected to my career goal but I do believe that it will help
because volunteering has taught me so many life lessons. All of the
skills that I listed earlier will most definitely help me when I am
older and have a job and family of my own. To me, the term “looking
forward” means thinking and preparing for what the future holds. I
think I am doing very well in this area. I think that my volunteer
activities will most definitely make a difference in the future,
especially for these kids and their families.

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