Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Giving Back to My Community

Name: William Lawrence Palmer
From: Kent, WA
Grade: 11th Grade
School: Kentridge High School
Votes: 0


June 2016

Back To My Community

As, a current high school junior, I’ve matured much over my past three years as a student. I was exposed to a variety of people, material, and cultures. I came to change my opinion on things I previously would have never considered. I became more active in my community. In
my community, we have an organizations called “Northwest Harvest”. This organization distributes food to the needy. Originally, I only joined the organization for community service hours- my school requires 16 hours total to graduate. However, I continued to go back even after I had my 16 hours, since, I felt I was helping those less fortunate.

Currently, I have 24 hours volunteered total. My biggest responsibilities as a volunteer, was to make sure that all food items were neatly arranged into each container they were labeled, and to make sure that when distributing food, to make sure that the food was passed out fairly. The biggest challenge I faced as a volunteer, was the quickness of the process. When distributing food out to others, you have to ensure that you are quick, and efficient, otherwise the line would get bogged down. Some days, this was not a problem, but other times on incredibly busy days, I struggled to keep up with the distribution
process. The most satisfaction I received as a volunteer, was the good feeling of doing something worth value. In the winter, when times are the hardest for many, it was easy to see how grateful many were, for Northwest Harvest and its services. Overall, during my time as a volunteer, I learned not only how to work in a potentially stressful environment, but I learned to interact well with others, and to relate with many who may not be as fortunate as me.

I see my activities as “Forward looking”, due to their positive nature. Beforehand, I did not really care for the activities I was doing, since I felt I was just there to get community service hours. Afterwards however, especially when I kept coming back, I saw the need in my activities, I became enlightened on how my activities will help me in the future with working an interacting with people of all races and backgrounds. With my volunteer activities, I seek to change the inequality many different social classes have through
nourishment. Northwest harvest provides that exactly. Not only does the organizations ensure people will not go hungry for that day, but it helps provide nourishment to people who may have a hard time getting the food they need. If I were to come back in the future, I
would look at my activities as necessary, since the acts of just a few help the needs of so many.

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