Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Giving Back to my Community

Name: Fiona Richmond Dauphinee
From: Santa Cruz, CA
School: Soquel High School
Votes: 2

I most actively volunteer with The Ride a Wave Foundation, a non-profit
organization that takes kids surfing, kayaking, boogie boarding and
provides beach activities during the summer. The participants could
be .burn victim or amputees, or have disabilities such as blindness,
down’s-syndrome, cerebral palsy. The purpose of the program is to
create special experiences for those with special needs. Before a
camp I help organize by preparing care packages for the participants.
I will calculate the amount of gear we will need to bring to the
beach for each camp, then arrive early to set up. During the day I
help participants learn about ocean safety, lead exercises, and
instruct various water activities.

I have been a volunteer with this foundation for more than seven years
and I will say that it is the best way I could possibly imagine to
give back to my community. The time I have spent with these
participants has given me a better perspective of what is important
in my life and

has shown me that the most rewarding thing I can do is to help others to
smile and create a positive experience in their lives. These people
have had an impact on me because they have shown me how the simplest
things in life can be the most joyous. Various challenges arise every
day and it is important to always be cautious because ocean sports
can be very dangerous.

To me ‘forward looking” means doing something today that will have a
positive impact on the future. Right now I can look back at my years
with Ride A Wave and see how the organization has expanded from my
hometown, to other parts of California. I can name the kids that I
have watch grow up as they have returned for camps year after year
with smiles on their faces. In ten years, I do believe I will be able
to say I have made a difference on the lives of these participants.
In the future I hope to study diseases that are linked to the onset
of disabilities and chronic illnesses. T
most rewarding experience that has come from my volunteer work has
been to share something I love with others who are less privileged
than I.

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