Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Giving back to a generation

Name: Levi Brown
From: Pittsburgh, PA
Grade: College Freshman
School: Robert Morris University
Votes: 21

Helping comes in many different ways. You could help someone and not even
know about it sometimes. When you do help someone you should feel
good and in turn make the people that you help feel good as well. I
do just that as I am a volunteer at a nursing home down the road from
my school.

In March, I began to volunteer at a nursing home and I enjoy every last
moment of it. Being an energetic, friendly young man I like to make
people laugh and smile, because in turn it makes me feel the same. I
chose this because I want to give back to our elders and learn things
that I may have never knew before. I enjoy speaking with them about
mutual interests such as sports, and hobbies. I try to go as much as
possible if my schedule is not filled up because it’s a delight to
see their faces. Some of the things I do while I volunteer are
delivering food, newspapers, and making sure that the residents are
fine overall. Sometimes, the residents will strike up conversations
when I am doing my tasks, and they will even help me sometimes which
is awesome in turn. I think my largest obstacle when I am
volunteering is trying to stay emotionally stable. I am a very
emotional person and if something strikes me hard I may lose my
composure so I try to stay strong if I see something saddening. From
volunteering at the nursing home, I think speaking and helping the
residents gives me the greatest amount of satisfaction because I am
helping them and engaging them simultaneously. While volunteering at
the nursing home, I not only help the residents but I also learn from
them. I learn about their life, who they are, and what they do.

In the future, I hope to see myself as a broadcaster, either for radio
or television and I feel that when I volunteer, it helps me learn
about my speaking skills when I engage the residents. When I tell
them this, they suggest tips like standing straight and limited
moving if I am going to be on television. By volunteering, I hope to
set an example for my peers to follow and give back to our elders. By
volunteering, you can make a difference and let others know that they
can as well.

In conclusion, volunteering at the local nursing home is a great way of
giving back to our elders and the community. I learn about the
residents and help them with their tasks by giving out the local news
and food. I try to stay emotionally stable so that I can see my
volunteering mission through. I enjoy my time at the home as I speak
with the residents about mutual interests; and by volunteering, I
hope to see my peers do the same to make the world a friendly, and
better place by giving back.

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