Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Giving Back To Those In need

Name: Kelvin Chan
From: San Francisco, California
Grade: college sophmore
School: Skyline College, City College of San Francisco
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DMV Scholarship

Back To Those In Need

I’ve volunteered
at St. Anthony’s: San Francisco Dining Room & Social Services and
to be honest it was for extra credit for my physiology class; I never
intended to volunteer myself before hand, unless it was for my own
benefit. Shortly after, I learned that volunteering greatly changed
my perception of volunteering helping disadvantaged individuals and
the homeless. I continue to volunteer and provide service for those
in need at ST. Anthony to this day, and I also volunteer at
California Pacific Medical Center 8 hours a week. At ST. Anthony’s my
colleagues and I serve food to those who don’t have a high enough
income to afford food, homeless, or anyone who is hungry. Not only do
we serve plates of hot fresh food, we bus tables, manage and delegate
the great people to their seats. We are on our feet for 4 hours at a
time with a 30 minute break. Volunteering can get messy and is also
tiring, but the feeling I get from volunteering is absolutely worth
it and if it was easy I would not appreciate it as much.
Volunteering has changed my whole perspective and motivation for
school. I personally was born in The United States to my immigrant
parents who come from Hong Kong; My parents came to The United States
with 200$ in their pocket both working low income jobs for 12 hours a
day; No days off to put food on the table for my three siblings, and
myself. I became greatly motivated after volunteering because many of
the situations that I’ve encountered through my networks at ST.
Anthony’s inundated myself with the thought that my parents and my
siblings could have been in their situation. It opened a new door and
motivation in which I want to make my parents proud that I’m their
son, to give back to my parents and their efforts of hard work has
truly paid off with my education and future career for doing whatever
it took to give my siblings and myself a chance to reach success. It
hurts as I watch my parents till this day work 12 hours a day and
still no days off. I want to relief them of their stress as soon as
possible, pay off their mortgage and pay for their groceries. In the
future looking back, volunteering has had a gigantic impact as I was
just living my life lost not knowing what I wanted to do for a
career, but volunteering and helping individuals in need has given me
motivation, also appreciation for Nurses who help individuals in need
every day. Volunteering helped me find my path and I will never
regret helping those in need and forever indebted to the process.

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