Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Giving Back to Those in Need

Name: Hailey Hostetter
From: Medical Lake, Washington
Grade: 11
School: Medical Lake High School
Votes: 0

Throughout the past year I have begun exploring new volunteer
opportunities. I was very excited when I came across open volunteer
positions at Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center. After suffering
from asthma my whole life I was very used to hospitals. It therefore
did not come as a shock when I was taken to Sacred Heart at eight
years old where I remained for nearly two weeks. I was however amazed
at how kind and sincere all of the medical nurses and doctors were to
me and I decided right then that, like them, I was going to help
children. Once accepted to Sacred Heart, I began volunteering every
Monday in the Birth Place from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Being in a hospital environment, it didn’t take long before I
realized just how vitally important my position is to both the
medical staff and the patients. My biggest challenge so far has been
trying to complete everything I need to in each 3 hour time period.
Since I first began however I have become much more adapted to my
position and have accomplished many things. I assist the staff in the
Birth Place by helping them with anything they need to be done.
Specifically I answer phones, run any errands the nurse staff or
Health Unit Coordinator ask me to, and check waiting rooms to ensure
the rooms are tidy. I also check on families in the waiting room to
see if they need anything to make them more comfortable. I transport
specimens to the lab and assist in any other duties requested. Most
often I assemble patient packets or baby packs including chart packs,
diaper packs, and baby admit packs. For the patients, I answer call
lights, deliver their meals, and take their meal trays when finished.
I comfort them with anything they need and accompany patients who use
a scooter to get to the cafeteria. Lastly, I help to discharge the
patients. These duties play a significant role in helping both the
staff and patients and ultimately allow for a quicker step to

By volunteering at Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center I have accomplished my main
goal of making a difference in my community through this volunteer
work which has given me the most satisfaction. Serving these patients
has truly shown me how much of an impact I have on these vulnerable
individuals. While interacting and aiding them to recovery I
initially benefit myself looking forward and have learned along the
way all about the career path I want to pursue. When first starting
my shift as a volunteer I only thought about the ways I was
benefitting these patients. I never took into consideration however
the impact they would have upon me. For this I am eternally grateful.
I soon remembered exactly why I wanted to become a pediatrician in
the first place-to help others. I want to change others’ lives the
way mine was changed, and that is why I continue to volunteer.

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