Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Giving Back

Name: Savannah Maysey
From: Bourbonnais, Illinois
Votes: 1

I started volunteering because I felt I had a role to fill in my
community. As a community we are to act as a whole to work together
to achieve goals and to generate the aspirations of others. In a
community we are one for another, which means we work together to
benefit, not only ourselves, but for our peers simultaneously.
Working together creates social interactions and improves the quality
of the community. More importantly, gathering as one in unity is
about putting others before yourself, to see the less fortunate
become stable and lending a smile to those who desperately need it.
Supporting, encouraging and empowering one another are a few key
factors in that of a substantial community. A community is a safe
house, a place where others feel welcome and where one has
unconditional support. Look outside your friend group and into the
world around you; not only are the people in your household
important, we all need to worry about the least, the less and the

Through volunteering in my community, I have learned patience and compassion.
I am very fortunate- I have a roof over my head, food on the table
every night and a bed to sleep in. Not everyone can say that have
these things. I started volunteering with special needs and from that
day on, it has changed my life. I have learned to appreciate the
little things I can do by myself and the little things in life that
we all take for granted, such as running water. Being apart of a
community and volunteering has been an eye opening experience for me
and I have established relationships that I am grateful to have.

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