Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Giving a Chance to the Next Generation

Name: Daniel Kirton
From: Detroit, Michigan
Grade: 11
School: Cass Technical High School
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Before I tell you about my volunteer services I think it is important to
know a little about me first. My name is Daniel Kirton I am from
Detroit Michigan born and raised my parents are from South America
and the Caribbeans I live with both parents with my two sisters. I
would say that I am blessed to have such a stable household. I find
this important explain where I come from because volunteering in my
community is something that is needed and it’s always in high demand.
I have no specific area on where I volunteer I tried to help my
community anywhere that I see I can help or improve the situation. I
do many volunteering activities with my auxiliary The Sigma Beta
Club .In my club by being president I organize many community
service outing like feeding the homeless,cleaning the community,
raising money for research on cures for diseases, giving awareness
too sexually transmitted diseases too youth in our community and much
more. Living in Detroit you realize that once a community can come
together many things can be done by just working together .

I can say that I spend at least 5 hours every other week committing
some type of volunteer community service in my community. This does
not include the time I spent planning out my community service for my
club. I can Confidently say that I spend at least 10 hours a month
giving back to my community through volunteering. Through
volunteering I had many responsibilities like organizing a system
to effectively remove trash from an alleyway in a time frame or
organize how much food is needed so that we can feed as many homeless
people as possible. I also had the responsibility of putting together
boxes of food for families in need.

What have been my biggest challenge as being a volunteer? I was say my
biggest challenge Being a volunteer is making sure everything goes to
plan. This is my biggest challenge because at a moment’s notice
things can change very quickly. A situation can arise where it
delayed my voluntary action or make things more complicated that make
things become hard to accomplish. The one thing that my volunteering
has taught me is critical thinking important and that you can
always make a bad situation a good situation.What I has given me the
most satisfaction from volunteering? The most satisfaction that I
get from volunteering is knowing that I am helping create a better
environment for the next generation . In Detroit the crime rates,
Poverty rate and unemployment rate are up through the roof the
situation here might have slightly become better but there is a lot
of work that needs to be done from volunteering I get the
satisfaction of knowing that I am a part of the solution and not the
problem. Things that I have learned from volunteering is that
teamwork really does make the dream work, by working together with
the people in my club and the people of my community I learned that
anything is possible long we work to achieve our goal.

Looking towards the future, how do I see myself activities as “forward
looking?” Looking towards the future I see myself still trying to
give back to the community that gave me so much forward looking on
to my success as a men. The change I want to create through my
volunteering is creating an environment where the next generation
has the opportunity to be anything they want in life. if I were to
come back and the next 10 to 20 years I believe that the
volunteering services that I did today will make a difference I
believe that my volunteering have planted a seed that will grow into
others wanting to give back to their community.Volunteering in and my
interested career choice comes together because my end goals are
still the same. I am striving to have a career in medicine with a
pharmaceutical the degree where I can give people what they mean to
be better just like how I strive with my community service to make my
community better.

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