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Name: Tyler Redmond
From: Manhattan , Kansas
Grade: Freshman college
School: Kansas Sate University
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Tyler Redmond

Mr. Pyles

Expository Writing


Gender Analysis


Looking in a newspaper, scrolling down a website, or flipping through pages
of a book and finding gender stereotypes all throughout can be very
distasteful. To find an image that challenges gender stereotypes is
not often seen in our society but has progressed, it seems as if the
gender boundary line has been slowly fading away, giving
opportunities to test those gender stereotypes. In this
advertisement for The National Football League, Condeleezza Rice, the
th Secretary of State for the United States is modelling for the
Cleveland Browns. They consequently test the way society will view women in football, which
evidently, question women’s role in sports, being that women are
stereotypically restricted to certain sports rather men who have the
open option of any sport. This advertisement allows women to be
accepted in a male dominant sport not only by allowing a woman to be
featured in their official advertisement but also by allowing a woman
to be a part of the team.

Target Audience

This advertisement was found for the National Football League, in which
their dominant viewers are males, but with the continuation of growth
of women in the football culture, it also speaks to women who watch
football. Reshaping the idea of what women are use to thinking or
set to believe based off the social standard could help evolve the
thinking of what society thinks of women’s gender role. The
advertisement also targets females who aspire to play in a male
dominant sport because the photograph is showing that a woman can
withstand being a part of a sport that is so male dominant such as
football. Many females may feel intimidated to join a male dominant
sport because they feel as if society already as a set notion that
women should play their own sports and men should play theirs, so an
advertisement that targets them may help them want to break out of
the gender role that society already set and be a part of any sport
they desire to.

Layout and Color

One of the first signs that shows this advertisement challenges gender
stereotypes is the way she has on a Cleveland Browns jersey as if she
is one of the teammates or a very strong supporter of the team, even
though clearly she may not be eligible to play on their team. In this
image, her role as an elite woman in the United States seems to also
be depicted in this image because she also has on dress pants, a
trench coat and scarf behind her back and also jewelry. Her
femininity is not withdrawn from the advertisement because she isn’t
just dressed like an average fan, it shows that a woman of any elite
level from the highest to a non-elitist may be a fan of football.
This challenges the idea that football is just a man’s sport in
today’s world. Also, her apparel that she is wearing is not too
feminine where it is changing the idea that women make everything
feminine. Even though she has a scarf and a trench coat, it follows
the color scheme of the Cleveland browns. This indicate that she
loves the sport for what it is rather than a commercial image of what
most football advertisements pose women who like sports to look like,
many of which show women in pink uniform or in very feminine gear and
apparel. The stereotypical image of women in a sports advertisement
usually sexualizes women, rather in this NFL advertisement, Mrs. Rice
is portrayed as a fan rather than eye candy for sports fan. The
layout for this advertisement isn’t what a typical female in sports
advertisement usually looks like, where she has on all of her clothes
so the focus on this advertisement is on her team, the Cleveland


The text in this advertisement speaks volumes for the overall image of
the advertisement.
The bold text in the advertisement says, “It’s my team.” The words
“my” and “team” indicate her inclusiveness in this sport as
if she is a part of the Cleveland Browns. In the caption under this
bold text also says, “Condoleezza Rice. Cleveland Browns fan.
Former Secretary of State and professor. I never miss a game or a
chance to show off my team colors.” The advertisement strategically
worded “Cleveland Browns fan.” Before “Former Secretary or
State…” which indicates that the audience should view her first
as a fan so that she could be mutually included as a regular football
fan rather than the elite woman that she is. This shows that in this
football advertisement, they are challenging how women, especially
women in high power can also be a part of the NFL, not in the direct
way, but as a fan. This gives opportunity to other viewer and fans of
football who aren’t male or who don’t typically play football to
be a part of the culture.


The National Football League, famously known to be ran by males are
testing the gender roles in their culture. Although in the United
States, football can be seen as one of the most masculine sports,
depicting a woman as a fan tests the boundary of gender roles for
people involved in the sport of football as well as fans and viewers.
Including a female in football may seem like a reach, but women do play a role
in the football culture. As we witness everyday, women tend to be a
large mass of the audience during games and also from homes. People
of all ages, gender, and race seem to enjoy football, even if they
are not the ones playing it. With this advertisement not only
depicting a woman as a professional woman rather than eye candy and a
sexualized image, it shows that everyday women can be fans of
football, giving them a chance to be included in football’s
culture. This can implicate that the equality of women in sports are
slowly making progress. Football is typically known for being rough
and tough which is the complete opposite depiction of a stereotypical
woman. Giving Mrs. Condoleezza Rice a chance to pose for the National
Football League as a fan and claiming the Browns to be her team,
reaches out to the many women who love football and gives men the
opportunity to be accepting of women in football.

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