Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Growing as an artist in a rural community

Name: Dune Fougerolles
From: Port Orford , Oregon
Grade: 12
School: Pacific High School
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Using your skills to be involved in the community is the first step to
growing as an artist. With my skills as a musician, I was able to
utilize the support of my friends and family, strengthening the
interaction I have with my small and active arts community. I love
involving myself with the public, if it is by playing with seasoned
and younger musicians, or by volunteering to perform in local music
venues and neighboring events. As a member of my high school ensemble
group, I am given the opportunity to perform in churches and holiday
events, giving me great pleasure to be able to represent myself as an
artist and to give back to my community. Driven by my eagerness to
help others, I became part of the Ford Leadership program. Currently,
I am involved in a park restoration project to help renovate the
heart of our town by painting murals on the park walls. It is a great
experience to collaborate with other leaders and support the growing
spirit of our coastal district.

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