Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Hashtag that made a difference

Name: Magge Nunez
From: HOUSTON, Texas
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Hashtag That Made a Difference

As a fellow Houstonian, I have always noticed the diversity my city
held. Houston is the most diverse city in the nation, and in my
opinion it is the most beautiful. It is because of this diversity
that we have the ability to hold so many businesses, and have such a
huge loving population. With that being said we are the only major
city within Texas that does not have an Equal Rights Ordinance.
Sadly, although we are the most diverse city we do not have the
ability to protect our citizens from any type of discrimination.

As a member of the Texas Freedom Network, we work hard to advocate for
issues that need to be spoken including the Houston Equal Rights
Ordinance. Our motto is to speak up for those who are not able to
speak. This summer after our training one of our members came up with
an idea on how to educate people about the Houston Equal Rights
Ordinance. This ordinance would protect citizens within fifteen
different classes, including race, gender identity, military status,
sexual orientation, etc. This ordinance benefited our Houston
community, and the best way to spread the word was to reach for our
fellow celebrity Houstonian known as Beyoncé. Texas Freedom Network
launched a hashtag advocating for Beyoncé’s help. Our ultimate
goal was to reach Beyoncé, and have her followers vote for HERO. We
also were aiming for the gay fan based community, if they were to
vote we were to win.

Beyoncé had the ability to turn many people into vegans, as well as
feminists. We thought if she stood up for that, she surely would
stand up for equality. She even celebrated on her Instagram her joy
once gay marriage was approved throughout nation. I started spreading
the word, and telling my coworkers about her hashtag. The hashtag was
#BeyBeAHERO, stating that she should be Houston’s hero, by promoting
HERO. We even got flyers posted all over the web. With used our
creativity for our benefit. Being the youth, meant we had an
advantage by being able to relate our message to the young
population. My own friends got into the revolution, and spread our

After a heavily shared hashtag we had the ability to make it on major
articles. Those being The Washington Post, The Chronicle, and even
Buzz Feed. Our hashtag was gaining steam, and we were not about to
stop. We kept continuing to spread the word, and many people from all
around the nation were uniting with us. It is crazy how much feedback
we were getting. To us it seemed surreal, since this hashtag just
started as a simple deed that went viral. I am proud at the fact at
how far we got. We eventually got ahold of Beyoncé’s publicist.
Sadly, she did not make any comment, but the coverage we got was
amazing. When people have passion for what they do they can change
the world by creative thinking.

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