Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – To Heed the Call of Service

Name: Christian C. Solano Osorio
From: Riverside, CA
Grade: Sophomore in College
School: Riverside City College
Votes: 13

There has always been a great love in my heart for aiding my community;
this statement rings true in everything that I set myself to do. As a
boy, I served my city and superiors by enrolling in Civil Air Patrol
and moving through the ranks for a period of four years. Whether it
was assisting with an airshow, contributing to a training weekend
event, participating in search and rescue missions, or attending
weekly meetings, there was a great level of satisfaction every time I
was there. Through these experiences, I realized how others grew in
their leadership skills and knowledge of our military training. I
knew that my efforts and the time invested into this program had a
great reward: the satisfaction of lending a helping hand. A helping
hand that would allow others to meet their personal goals, a hand
that would encourage, and a hand that reached out when it was
desperately needed.

The Civil Air Patrol experience and the lessons I gained from being a
member carried onward into my college years as a freshman and
sophomore. As Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in my college, I
work with each and every one involved in student government as a body
that collectively aims to secure and promote student’s success on
campus. As head of this branch, I vowed to supply students with a
voice to speak on economic and political concerns, inside and outside
the college. With a voice where students can raise concerns and
create change in the different chains of leadership that exist on
campus. Furthermore, a voice that provides students with the
opportunity to grow their views on the diverse cultures that thrive
in our campus and surrounding communities.

At this small scale, I have proudly devoted my efforts into making a
difference. At twenty years of age I strongly feel that I am unique.
I view the world different because of what I have witnessed through
my travels in Ecuador, Peru, El Salvador and my birthplace of
Colombia. The lifestyles of people around the globe differ from what
we are used to in developed countries such as the United States. I am
fortunate to be where I am but I know that I have a responsibility to
act on my awareness. I aspire to be an instrument for the foundation
of the future, for the next generation. I have not or plan to forget
where I came from; such trait has encouraged me to work towards
giving back and help promote a better mankind through civil and
public service. As I prepare to transfer to UCSB during the fall, I
have come to terms with what I need to do to prepare and to proceed.
My ardor burns with eagerness and ambition, just as it is fueled by
the reality that abides around us, of the labor that still needs
doing. I will accomplish this by furthering my education and
analyzing the interconnection between politics, economics, and
history around the world.

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