Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Help for Humanity

Name: Adrian G. Sanchez
From: Garland, Texas
Grade: 12
School: Lakeview Centennial Highschool
Votes: 0

Volunteering in the Salvation Army as well as other groups really opened my eyes
about the world. One of my first volunteer services were for the
group Salvation Army in which I had to do many type of services at
the organization building.I originally wanted to do volunteer work
for usually the same reason any other teen around my age wants to.
For college, yeah a bit selfish though I rather be honest of my
intentions. The first day I started it I was honestly nervous and
confused, nervous in the sense of never doing anything similar to
volunteering, and confused as how there were two buildings labeled
Salvation Army right across the street from one another with a semi
trailer in the back of one building.Eventually I found out which one
was where they had their offices at, the other building with the semi
trailer in the back turned out to be a sort of gym/recreational
center for kids. I met with Mrs.Roxane the director of my towns
Salvation Army and there on she gave me some duties to do around the
building.One of the most frequent duties I had was I to help stock up
on canned food with another guy who was doing service for court,
honest to say he was pretty cool. We would go out to the semi trailer
across the street bringing with us a Load Lifter.The semi trailer was
lined inside with big boxes full of canned food and vegetables, and
it was our job to bring the canned foods that were running low in the
food closet in the main building, basically a grocery run except
without paying and way hotter.Honestly that was the biggest challenge
to me there, trying to collect and scavenge around for the cans in a
closed-in hot trailer, this always prompted the workers and me to
bring a pitcher of water with us I continued to volunteer for about
two weeks, from around 8 to 4. As the days would pass by more and
more workers would arrive at the Salvation Army always because of
court orders, which made me realize that many people never help
anyone else or do a good for humanity unless there’s a type of reward
for them. I then simply didn’t care for the hours, I cared that I
was helping feed children as well as those in need.By keeping that
food closet full I was able to help keep the kids and family that
went there for food full.That has honestly been one of my greatest
satisfactions in life.The career I want involves helping people and I
am grateful for the experience I had there since it made me realize
that even after thirty years I’ll know that I helped give someone a
meal. I just hope that humanity can finally overcome the compensation
they look in doing things and instead do it because its right.

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