Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Helping My Animals

Name: Cydney Chamblee
From: high point, NC
Grade: 12th
School: Southwest Guilford High
Votes: 0

at the Guilford County Animal Shelter

I have been volunteering at the Guilford County Animal Shelter since 2014. I
chose to volunteer at the shelter because I have always adored
animals. I also have a strong passion for helping them out. I’ve
always felt as though they need more humans on their team. I
volunteer about 10 hours a month for the shelter. As a volunteer at
the animal shelter I take dogs outside who have not been out all day
to urinate/poop and just get some time out of their cages. My biggest
challenge as a volunteer is not being able to take all those
beautiful creatures home. Animals and dogs specifically have such a
loving and sweet character about them. It makes me sad that the dogs
at the shelter do not have a home or someone to care for them yet.
They barely get shown any love or affection all day. I believe that’s
a necessity for all God’s creatures.

When I volunteer at the shelter I leave feeling so happy and content because I got to
spend time with dogs that might not have went out to get fresh air
all day. Some dogs I take outside engage in playing and others just
sit and relax in the sun. Regardless of what their preference is it
makes me happy knowing they just get to be in their own space and
relax because of me. I have learned from my volunteer position that I
have an intense desire to help animals of the world out. I have also
learned that I would like to do something more impactful for animals
in the future.

My activities as a volunteer at the shelter will hopefully motivate
someone to do the same. “Forward looking” to me means looking to
see how I can do something even bigger to help animals, for instance
being involved in the ASPCA and donating to many animal shelters when
I have the money to do so. I would like to draw more attention to
animal abuse and animal neglect. I hope for people to get more
involved with assisting in the improvement of animal care. If I were
to come back in twenty or thirty years I think my volunteer
activities would have made a difference. People who are not a
volunteer at the shelter and may just be looking to adopt always ask
me what I’m there for. I always explain that I’m volunteer and
the activities I participate in with the animals. This certainly
makes a difference because they could become inspired and be a
volunteer themselves. That could become a chain reaction and get more
people to volunteer. The more aware a person is, the more involved a
person becomes. When more people become involved, more changes

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