Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Helping cause I care

Name: Essence Kiarra Jeanbaptiste
From: Miami gardens , Fl
Grade: 11
School: Miami carol city senior high
Votes: 154


I have been passionate about helping others for as long as I could
remember, helping others makes me happy, my volunteer work doesn’t
just focus on just one area, I focus on multiple areas such as
Homelessness, Nursing homes, foster homes etc. I am able to do all of
this because of a non-profit organization called I.C.A.P I
am a part of. The organization has allowed me to help in more ways
than I actually thought was possible. I decided to join not only
because of my passion for helping, but because I can relate to some
of the issues which the people I help may be facing. I volunteer at
least 8 hours per week, my responsibilities as a volunteer worker
varies based on the event. I usually help organize events and make
sure they are running smoothly and accordingly, my biggest challenge
as a volunteer is knowing that there is still so much to be done not
only in our communities, but in the world, “we can only do so
much”. Is what we often hear, but we can actually do so much more
then we think we are capable of, me being so young I didn’t think I
could accomplish so much.. Prior to joining the Organization, I had
projects I was working on, on my own. One of my most memorable
projects was The Earthquake that had happened in Haiti, it really hit
home because I am Haitian, so I thought of what I could do to help, I
decided that I wanted to send clothes and canned goods to Haiti, when
my grandma found out she planned to go the next month to visit. I had
one month to make sure everything was prepared. With the help of
classmates, family, and friends we donated more than enough clothes
and food! Everyone was super proud, from that day on I knew it was my
destiny to help others! Ever since then I’ve been doing what I can
to help out. The volunteer work that I do is completely satisfying,
Just knowing that I could have possibly have made an impact in
someone’s life or have inspired someone to get out and volunteer is
enough for me! I have learned that no matter how young or old you are
you can make a difference if you really are determined. As I get
older I would like to start my own NPO and help people all over the
world! Forward looking to me is progress, and I definitely feel like
my volunteer work has progressed into something I never could have
imagined. Volunteer work can really make a difference I would like to
change a lot of the problems the world is facing today through
volunteerism such as world hunger, and homelessness. Twenty to thirty
years from now I know my volunteer work would have made a HUGE impact
on today’s world hopefully there would be NPO’s everywhere trying
to make a difference as well.

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