Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Helping the Community

Name: Raihan Haque
From: Detroit, Michigan
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I have been involved in many community services, such as services to
help homeless people, my school and most importantly the environment.
This year I have joined a club called National Honors Society, which
requires members to participate in 4 hours of community services
every month, services that not only help the community but also the
members build relationships with other people and nature. One of my
favorite community services I did with National Honors Society is a
marathon. In this community service, other members and I passed water
and juice to marathon runners so they can be hydrated while they are
running. This was a great experience because we helped a marathon
that brought awareness to a type of cancer. I was having both fun and
a great time helping pass around water because it is beautiful how
people are willing to run 10 miles to bring awareness to a disease.
Another community service that I loved the most was the APIA voters’
registration because other members and I called people who still has
not registered to vote to sing up so they will be able to vote in the
upcoming election. This was an important service because we were
reminding people who might have forgotten to register to go and
register. I believe community services pay a great deal in people’s
lives because It teaches students how to be a leader in their
community and how it feels to help the people and the community. I
have been part of many community services and I am hoping I do more
in the future so our community can be a green community!

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