Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Helping the Community

Name: Dezeree Monique Castillo
From: Pasadena, TX
Grade: 11
School: Pasadena High School
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Dezeree Castillo

Helping the Community

The area I help volunteer in is my community outreach. I volunteer at the annual
Pasadena Strawberry Festival with the Teen Committee every year since
8th grade. I have done this for about 75 hours, sometimes
more, a year for this festival. As a member, my responsibilities are
to go where I am needed by the big vendors that show up, and help
make sure things run smoothly all weekend of the festival and set up
the festival grounds beforehand. My biggest challenge as a volunteer
has been following safety protocols, because as much as I want to
help, there are some things I cannot do because I am too young still.
For example, we have to call adults if a child gets hurt because we
cannot provide first aid since we are not certified. I also can’t
drive a golf cart, and it would help out many people if we had more
golf cart drivers.

The most satisfaction I receive is knowing that I am helping my community
every year with as much as I can, and many teens join each year. I
love seeing smiling faces at the festival, knowing our hard work does
not go to waste. From my position, I have learned that not being
completely in charge is okay, and that you have to do the most with
what you have, even if it is not a lot.

My volunteering helps in my career path as it increases my look on humanitarianism.
With social work, being involved with my community gives me
opportunities to meet important people and get connections for future
references. Forward looking means that it well contribute to the
future and make my life fulfilling and promising for something good
later on. These activities make me look like an outgoing and caring
person, which I like a lot. Where I come from, not many people my age
care about the city, but one day we will be in charge of it, so it is
good to start getting involved. I hope to change the world with
volunteering as I grab attention of younger people in society and let
them engage in these activities as well.

If I were to come back in a few years and see my town, I would say my volunteer
work, as well as everyone else on the committee, would help make a
difference. We encourage other teens to join our group and promote
equality among rivaling schools. In the organization, schools or
backgrounds do not matter, and we spread that outside to the world,
too. We hope to impact kids positively and get them involved in city
work, because one day they will run it as well.

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