Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Helping Those In Need

Name: Sarah Carlen
From: Collegeville, PA
Grade: College Freshman
School: Ursinus College
Votes: 2

Ever since my grandmother was placed into a nursing home, when I was
in first grade, I have been interesting in helping others. While she
was admitted I often visited the nursing home. I sang to brighten up
the elderly people’s days, I played games with them to distract
them from their ever growing diseases and laughed at their jokes to
restore their youth. My family, for as long as I can remember, has
been involved with a local charity called Cherry Tree. It is an
organization for underprivileged children between the age of two and
six. We welcomed the group to our house as a field trip, the children
played in our pool and backyard under supervision of multiple
volunteers and staff. In addition I dedicate my summer to the Cherry
Tree club, guiding the children through various activities and taking
small educational steps. One of my biggest challenges was when one of
the little boys kept calling me mom because his mother was not
involved in his life. My heart broke. I often want to do more for the
people I do volunteer work with but sometimes you can only do so
much. I cannot stop myself from wanting to help people who are worse
off than me. I want my career path to be one in which I will be
saving people and helping others. I want to change people’s lives
for the better. But for now, I will volunteer. Volunteering is
incredibly important. Not only does it help make people personable
but it opens their eyes to other lives. It shows people that no
matter how bad they think they have it there is some else who is
worse off than them. Volunteering helps those people help others and
be able to change the lives of others in need. Volunteering has
changed my life and I highly encourage others to volunteer and watch
their lives change too. Already knowing that I have changed someone’s
life and will continue to change lives, is the best feeling ever. I
made an elderly man smile by simply asking him about himself, I
helped a child learn how to write her name and I helped my
self-learning that the small things are what really matters.

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