Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Helping Others Is Helping Yourself

Name: Caitlyn Daley
From: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Grade: 12th grade
School: Cardinal Gibbons High School
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 Helping Others is Helping Yourself

Whether we like it or not, we exist on a planet with other people-
many of whom will never have as much money as us, who will never have
enough to eat, and who will always have to fight for basic human
rights. Many are tempted to look the other way; some even put up a
wall to defend themselves against the arrows of unjust ways and
inhumane situations. However, I choose to knock down the wall and face
the fact that there are people less fortunate than myself. I am
not afraid to notice that there are people who need help in my
community nor am I afraid to offer my help to them.

One early Saturday morning, I found myself working at the local
soup kitchen helping hand out clothes to the homeless. I was half
asleep while they were all wide awake; many of the people I was
helping had been up for hours for a myriad of reasons. My robotic
greeting, “Good morning, how are you?” and their automatic
reply of “Fine, thank you”,
was abruptly stopped when I
greeted one lady in particular. She did
not stand out to me in any
way, she was not a memorable face, or an
intimidating figure, yet
her reply to my amicable greeting spoke
louder than the screams of
sleepiness in my head. Upon asking how she
was doing this morning
two words slipped from her lips. They were
filled with a sense of
old hope, comfort, and peace: “I am blessed.”
To say the least, I was deeply moved by her sense of honesty,
humility, and thankfulness for what she had been given, though it was
very little. Since then, I have contributed over 550 hours throughout
my four years of high school through a variety of projects and events
in my community. I have learned that assisting others in need does
not mean I have to travel to a third world country to help
someone; it means that i can simply participate in events that
benefit others in
my own local community

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