Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Helping others less Fortunate

Name: Kendal Fasching
From: Bloomington, MN
Grade: Senior High School
School: Bloomington Thomas Jefferson High School
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Kendal Fasching: Helping others less Fortunate

Over my high school years I have been involved in a large amount of
volunteer work. Spending time at church assisting in the daycare and
nursery, volunteering at summer Vacation Bible Camp, volunteering at
Messiah Food Shelf serving food to the homeless, and volunteering at
North Memorial Hospital in Robbinsdale, MN. During many of these
events I have invited my friends with to get them involved also
leading by example.

However, volunteering at North Memorial has been very meaningful to me.
Volunteering over 60 hours at the hospital has taught me a lot about
helping others. I saw that not everyone is as fortunate as me, which
was eye opening and made me realize the world isn’t always fair. It
also helped me see that it is my obligation to help others wherever
and whenever I am able to.

In looking back on this experience I’m very thankful I had the
opportunity to help others and serve others who were less fortunate.
I believe this helped me have humility and empathy for others. That
is why I think it is so important for young people to volunteer and
give back to the community, in order to help gain this perspective of
humility and empathy. As I move forward to college I look forward to
volunteering in several different ways whether donating blood,
fundraising and other philanthropic opportunities.

The experience of serving others since I was very young has helped shaped
me as a person and I feel very fortunate and blessed to be able to
help others. Volunteering is so important because as each of us goes
through life we are all certain to go through our own struggles and
knowing there are others out there to lean on and support each other
is very comforting.

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