Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Helping others while volenteering

Name: jazmy sanchez
From: san jose, california
Grade: 12
School: mt. pleasant high school
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As a senior it is important that I get my community service hours to,
not only show off to colleges but also, get an experience of helping
the community I live in. I chose to help my community out by
attending to sports events to raise money for my school by selling
snacks and beverages. Helping my school financially is important to
me because the school supplies us with a lot of thing for free, it is
my way of giving back. I mostly go when i have days of my work
schedule and there are sports events on those days. About 3 hours a
week i get a chance to help sell, count, and maintain everything at
my school’s snack shop. I mostly like to collect and give the change
to the customers because it benefits my thinking skills. The hardest
thing of being a volunteer in a snack shack is making sure other
volunteer members work together to meet the goal of raising the money
for our school. It was great responsibility to try and keep up with
orders for customers on rush hour times. It challenged me to stay
focused while I was being rushed, which then grew into a new skill of
mine. In times of being the cashier at the shack is the most
challenging because even though it is simple math, I have to make
sure the customers get their exact change.When all other volunteers
work hard through rush hours trying to get every order and payments
happen quick to satisfy the customers, it makes me happy seeing them
improve and get the hang of it. Working together with other and
meeting new people in the process is fun even when we are working.
The skills you gain from being a volunteer at something simple as a
snack shack is learning how to do basic math quickly, knowing that
working as a team can improve everyone within the team, and condition
myself to stay calm while being rushed. These skills tie into the
career I want to get into in the future as a veterinarian. Certainly,
I am going to need the skills I learned as a volunteer to achieve
this goal throughout the years of studying. Having a goal and
thinking ahead is my definition of “forward looking.” Pushing
yourself and your conscience in a positive way can boost your ability
to being confident in achieving your goals. Thinking like that while
i’m volunteering is a way that has changed the way people work
together in the snack shack. That inspires others to volunteer as
well, seeing that you enjoy what you do while helping your school.
That makes a difference for a lot of kids going to highschool that
want to volunteer but, not hate the work. Showing positivity can make
a difference to others around you, so that people want to help their

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