Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Helping Students In Need

Name: Jailyne Olvera
From: Los Angeles, CA
Grade: 12
School: Critical Design and Gaming School at Augustus F. Hawkins High School
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Throughout my entire life, I’ve found it pleasant to help others in need. Two
years ago, I decided to assist my Algebra teacher by volunteering as
a mentor for younger students who struggled with the basic of Pre
Algebra and Algebra. Math hasn’t always been my favorite subject
and constantly found myself struggling to understand its concepts.
Therefore, I knew exactly how those students felt. Having once been
in their place, I felt that being that person from whom I wished to
receive help from, to them, would be the perfect way to give back to
my community. Every week for one year, I’d stay afterschool on
Wednesdays and Thursdays for 2 and a half hours each day to mentor
other students. My responsibilities consisted of mentoring the
students and reviewing the lessons with which they struggled with on
my own time to ensure that I was teaching the correct information. My
biggest challenge has been stepping out of my comfort zone and
properly communicating with others, especially strangers. Before I
met my mentees, I feared failing in properly communicating with them
and prevent them from learning. Luckily, I successfully accomplished
it. As a volunteer, my greatest reward received was knowing that I
was able to successfully help those students who required it. It
gives me a great feeling of satisfaction because I too was once in
their place. As a mentor, I learned that giving up is not an option.
Whether you’re struggling to understand a certain concept, or
struggling to teach it to someone else, you mustn’t give up. With
patience and resilience, anything is possible.

Although my career goals are not exactly aligned with my volunteer focus, I do
not intend to stop helping others. I enjoy offering my assistance to
anyone who requires it and will gladly do so if possible. If on my
way I happen to encounter anyone who needs help with something which
I am able to help with, I will not hesitate to do do.
me, forward looking is looking ahead into the plans of your future. I
see my activities as “forward looking” because I intend to help
others in the future in any way that I possibly can.

Via my volunteer activities, I intend to get others to volunteer as well.
I plan to convince others that is is very important and helpful if
you help others who are currently struggling in an area or concept
that you have already mastered in. Especially for the upcoming

Even if my volunteerism only consisted of mentoring students with a
subject who they found difficult at the time, I believe my assistance
made a difference. If those students whom I mentored, decide to
mentor other students as well, it can create a chain of help to give
back to the community and encourage future generations to do so as

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