Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Helping the world little by little

Name: Gabriella Poshe' Rankin
From: Torrance, CA
Grade: 12th
School: North Torrance Highschool
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the world little by little

In today’s society, volunteering for people who are less fortunate is
one of the most satisfying feelings I’ve ever felt. I just moved
here to Los Angeles, California from Seattle, Washington.
Volunteering is the ultimate actions from a human attacking poverty.
When I was in Seattle, my grandmother who I was living with, use to
volunteer at a food shelter for less fortunate people. I volunteered
10 hours there, for two days. At first I was really nervous to start
because I’ve never volunteered, and it turned out to be one of the
most satisfying things ever. It hit me hard when I realized that
these people haven’t ate that day or for a few days, so it made me
appreciate whatever we had in the refrigerator, even if it wasn’t a
full meal every day because we were unfortunate ourselves.
Volunteering isn’t something that teens are too excited about
doing, but it excites me. When I was there, I had to stock the food,
and give out a certain amount of food to each person and make them
feel welcomed and loved, so I kept the warmest smile on my face. I
appreciated the fact that the less fortunate people smiled at me, and
I kindly ask how their day was, and I get whatever they need and
bring it to them, and throw out any food that isn’t sanitary or too
old. I now volunteer once a year for at least 10 hours, my next place
to volunteer will be with the Salvation Army or at the YMCA here in
California. My biggest challenge as a volunteer was seeing children
and teens that didn’t have clean clothes and children that we’re
eager to come in there because they haven’t ate that day or a few
days. That totally broke my heart. It made me want to go into my
closet and donate all of the clothes that I never wear, because they
could go to someone who is less fortunate and that’s what I did.
I’ve got the most satisfaction in being a volunteer by being able
to put a smile on someone’s face because I know that I am helping
them, and them looking me into my eyes and telling me thank you for
my work, and being able to put food in someone’s stomach made me
get the most satisfaction. What I’ve learned from my volunteer
position was to appreciate the little things in life like school
lunch, instead of saying “I hate it” I appreciate that it’s
even offered to me. That’s why in my future career of computer
programming, I will be using some of my funds to travel to less
fortunate countries, and helping them have sanitary drinking water.
It’s not fair that a child can’t see their 5th birthday because
of something that is taken advantage of everyday. Volunteering can
help the world little by little.

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