Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – The Homeless shelter

Name: Serena Aeschilman
From: West Valley City, Utah
Grade: 12
School: Salt Lake Community College
Votes: 0

I chose to volunteer at the Homeless shelter. I work 3 times a week for 4 hours
a day, and have done so for 5 months. As a volunteer, I work in the
kitchen to provide meals for those who come to the shelter. I also
fundraise and gather many materials for those who are in need. Giving
back to the community, and assisting those who need to get back on
their feet is rewarding.

I need to ensure that I do not harm those I am trying to assist, the food I create
must be cooked to perfection. My biggest challenge as a volunteer is
finding time to help. I am also a high school student participating
in the IB program and doing concurrent enrollment. I am very busy and
must find a balance between school and giving back. The most
satisfaction I have received is watching the children smile at the
sight of a meal. Our shelter only provides one meal a day, so these
children go hours without eating. Witnessing their expressions when
consuming food I helped prepare is very satisfying. I have learned
not to take my situation for granted. I don’t have to worry about not
being able to get food. I consume food as I please, and was wasteful.
If I didn’t want to eat something, I would just throw it away. Now I
know to never take advantage of the food I receive. Those at the
shelter get near rotten food, and they enjoy eating it. Without the
shelter, these individuals may be committing crimes to get food or go
hungry. More would be starving, trying to better themselves, but not
being able to. The shelter gives individuals and families a chance to
survive, even if it is for a few hours a day.

Looking toward the future, I hope to continue to assist at the shelter. Looking
forward is continuing down into the future. I hope to better the
lives for everyone, and hopefully no one will be forced to reside on
the street. I do not believe my volunteer activities have made a
difference. There will always be those who are in need, not everyone
can live in a utopia. Although there are some individuals who were
fed, I have not made a difference in the world. When I make a
difference, everyone will be happy and have adequate living
situations. I want to work at NASA, excelling space expansion and
hopefully exploration/colonization. Another planet will give others
the chance for a fresh start, like in the 1500’s. The chance to start
over new with nothing, growing everything from the ground up, will
give everyone equal opportunities to better themselves for the

Volunteering at the homeless shelter has shown me that not everyone is given equal
opportunities. We must make a living for ourselves, and that begins
with childhood. Giving others a chance at equal opportunity is the
best thing anyone has to offer.

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