Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Hospital Volunteering

Name: Juwan Victor
From: Long Pond, PA
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Over the past four years in high school I have learned an abundant
amount of information and I experienced many wonderful things through
all of my extracurricular activities. Volunteering at Pocono Medical
Center was a rather interesting learning experience out of the
classroom. I have experienced firsthand the struggle when a loved one
is sick, so I understand exactly how families feel. When I speak to
patients, I build connections and memories that I would have never if
had not volunteered at the hospital. Even though I did not come face
to face with doctors, assisting nurses gave me a close look at what
goes on in the hospital, and I became conscious of what a career in
the healthcare field is like. I had a great time learning, laughing,
and joking about medical terminology with other volunteers it made my
time volunteering more enjoyable. In all of my extracurricular
activities, I have learned a countless volume of knowledge. I know
that what I have learned and experienced at volunteering at Pocono
Medical Center will help later in life,

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