Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – im different

Name: jeremias gonzalez
From: moreno valley, ca
Grade: 12
School: vista del lago
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Jeremias Gonzalez

Mrs. Burgo

Avid, Period 3

August 14, 2015

My Qualities

I’m not the type of teenage guy who goofs around at school, wasting
precious time in school because I know my plan, I know my career and
I know what my life should be in the future. I’m not one of those
types of teenagers who gives up easily, who drops out or looks for a
part time job. No, I’m not like that. I am focused on school and
that’s my job right now as my parent say everyday to me. At school,
I stand out by dressing fresh as they tell me but with a mind that
wants to go to college and have a successful career. By being
organized and always having a smile on my face these are my qualities
of being different from others.

Bring organized makes me different from others. A stereotypical idea is
that guys are so messy, unorganized and that’s our habit. I’m not
that type of guy. I’m always organized inside and outside of
school. Before I joined AVID, I was always organized since the day I
started high school. Organization is a quality that’ll prepare me
in my goals like in college and my career. For example, my career
goal is to be a detective. A detective there’s a lot of paper work
in a crime investigation. So in this job I must be organized, this is
where organization comes in my life and also my ultimate goal.

Organization makes me the person who I am today. Many of my friends call me a
clean freak because I always stay clean on materials like in my
locker, backpack and my room. Cleaning and organization are similar,
both deal with not doing a mess. It’s a small quality I have, but
it does make a difference. Without it I wont have the remembrance of
knowing about my assignments or the lack of finding my homework in my
backpack. I’m proud I have this quality because or else I’ll be a
lot of stress. I use it when I do essays for example, I plan out how
many paragraphs I do a day before it’s due. I can’t do an essay
in a day because I’ll be stressed with all my homework. So this
makes me who I am today.

Overall, being organized and having a smile is my quality that makes me
different. Why these qualities means so much to me? It’s because it
made me a person I am today. For these simple qualities has made a
big impact in my life, through out my years. If these qualities
helped me in my high school years, it should do the same in college.
If I still have a smile makes me to keep going until the day I stop
is the day I fall and I lose my path. This means say positive minded
everyday even in the worst obstacles I haven’t pass yet in my
future university and my career.

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