Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – The Impact of My Community Service

Name: Darrielle Fair
From: Bessemer City, North Carolina (NC)
Grade: Freshman
School: Spelman College
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Volunteering for my community truly helped me to understand that volunteering is
not only a selfless act of kindness, but also our duty as citizens.
My journey began as a freshman in high school; I was a part of the
National Beta club, Leadership Academy and Fellowship of Christian
Students: all clubs requiring community service. These clubs helped
me as a student to engage in a number of school and community
enrichment programs, such as collecting cans for our local food banks
and organizing events for needy and homeless citizens. I was also
able to participate in a number of events held to celebrate holidays
for children and youth whose families otherwise would not have the
means to. This sparked a passion that I needed to look into
opportunities closer to my interests of health sciences. I became a
Volunteen for CaroMont Regional Medical Center and Holy Angels Inc..
Holy Angels Inc. is a facility specialized in the care for both
children and adults with intellectual developmental disabilities and
severe medical conditions. As a volunteer for Holy Angels Inc.,
weekly, I came to read numerous books and played with the many
disabled children. Depending on the severity of their disabilities, I
would simply sit with them, hold their hands, and sing to them. I
helped in assisting residents with wheelchairs, and I also
participated in activities held for the residents. For patients that
attended school, I helped them with their homework. As a Volunteer
for CaroMont Regional Medical Center, my responsibilities were very
similar in spending time with patients, and bringing them water along
with other things to make their time at the hospital comfortable. It
moved me to see how the time that I shared with a single patient
could bring a smile to their face, and others, peace to their hearts.
One of the biggest challenges I have faced was the passing away of
some patients I had grown to know at Holy Angels. I remember one
little boy, not much older than four, he was completely immobile,
wheelchair bound, and spent most of the day on breathing treatments.
He was such a little fighter, and it completely broke my heart to
find that he did not make it. I was able to share priceless moments
with these patients, listen to personal testimonies, have contact and
create relationships with people I otherwise would not have been able
to. My experiences of volunteering have helped me personally to
appreciate everything in my life, because many people are doing way
worse. Volunteering taught me the importance of having patience with
the people around you and also the difficult times we face in life.
In ten to twenty years, I hope to receive my doctorate degree and
continue to serve the community by curing and saving the lives of
those who need it. Allowing families more time with their loved one,
helping a patient to beat cancer, this is the impact I wish to make.

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