Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – The Importance of Caring

Name: Joe Henshaw
From: Olathe, Kansas
Grade: 12
School: Olathe Northwest
Votes: 0

When asked “why it’s important to volunteer” the responder should
more carefully consider the question as “why is it important to
care”. Only upon understanding what volunteering accomplishes can
we then understand it and appreciate it. As an Eagle Scout I have the
experience of many hours of volunteer work that have I continued to
be involved with even past what was necessary.

Even though my experiences with volunteering has covered and benefitted
multiple charities my most reoccurring and favorite to work with is
Great Plains SPCA: a no kill animal shelter in the mid-west. Although
my efforts to stay connected with them has slightly dwindled over the
last year with by increasingly busy college schedule, I still manage
to volunteer more than a few times per year. Every year they have a
large fund raiser banquet that raises money to pays for pets of
elderly individuals so that they can still have company despite their
deteriorating health and financial situation. Most of these people
spend all they have just to make sure their dog or cat as a meal to
eat with no regard for how they will find food, and every year I get
to see and meet 10 to 20 elderly folks, most of whose pets are the
only family they have left, whose lives can be slightly less burdened
by their financial misfortune.

I have always been an avid lover of animals, I think it runs in the
family. Doing this for so many years teaches you to value what you
have, and sometimes the only way to see how lucky you are is to
juxtapose yourself with someone that is not as fortunate. I realize
that sometimes the individuals that need help the most are the ones
that are the most selfless and generally too proud to ask for fear of
burdening someone else. That think we have something more important
to do. But for those of us that really want to help nothing could be
more important than caring.

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