Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – The Importance of Giving Back

Name: Jenea Barbara Lyles
From: Largo, Maryland
Grade: 12th
School: Academy of Health Sciences @ Prince George's Community College
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The Importance of Giving Back

My leadership and service within my community and school has had a
positive impact on the people around me. By participating in various
leadership and community service I activities, I have been able to
give back and help others excel. This also had a positive on my
character by allowing me to understand the value of community
service. I now have a more insightful view of the needs of the
community and how I can impact the lives of others. I am eager to
continue to be a leader in my community through college.

In school, for example, by being treasurer and a founder of the
Pre-Health Professionals club, I have helped to create an environment
for people with similar interests and goals to get insight and
advice. This has helped many students in the club become better
prepared to achieve their academic and career goals. I plan to
participate in a similar club organization in college. If there is
one available, then I would be interested in creating one so that I
can continue to be a great help to my peers.

In my community, I have participated in various food, clothing, and
health drives. These drives sought to benefit low-income citizens of
my community. All those who benefited from these drives received the
tools they needed free of charge, an opportunity that may not have
been available to them without these drives. By volunteering and
helping to organize these drives, I directly impacted the lives of
those in need and allowed them to carry on with less of a financial
burden on them. This experience has taught me the value of giving
back while realizing the hardships my community faces. Considering
giving back to my community gave me great satisfaction, I intend to
continue to volunteer for drives and organizations similar to this in
college and beyond.

By participating in the 7th District Youth Leadership
Program, I have been able to gain valuable leadership knowledge and
experience. This program has given me the skills and tools I will
need to succeed in my college and adult life while also teaching me
how to be a leader in my community. I have also been given the
opportunity to spread my newly acquired knowledge to my peers through
this program. I hope that in college, I will be able to continue
sharing my knowledge in leadership. I also hope to take advantage of
any and all leadership opportunities presented to me. I know that
through this program I have gained beneficial experience and I hope
to gain more in the future.

I am aware and proud of my leadership and community service throughout
high school. I have had a positive impact on my peers and my
community and have progressed as a leader. I intend to continue
helping others, whether in the classroom, community, or in my social
life, through college and beyond.

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