Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Improving others, improving ourselves

Name: Julian Luis Partida
From: Tucson, Arizona
Grade: High School Senior
School: Desert View
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As to describe my heart of community service, in this case this type of
labor is not considered with accomplishing something without advising
with a purpose; it is as nursing for a baby, repairing the core with
life, boosting the environment with numerous possibilities, and
diagnosed an issue which speaks to the person. I put my community
service towards everything. Briefly, I put all of my worth ethics in
school, classrooms, family, my school program and anywhere I go in
helping in every which way I can possibly as I am encouraged to help
mine or other communities. I have volunteered in hours per week as it
varies; it pertains to how much time I contain to wherever I am
designated to go. For example, in my public high school I provided my
devoted time to my school’s learning resource center (LRC) for
people to check out books, suggests other types of favored authors,
John Green is mine! I aided my schoolmates by creating the simplicity
in hard work by finding a reason to compare our lives and adolescents
as we contribute to every word placed in an essay in my dual
enrollment class for I seek to provide my hours in community service
in college in the future. My major challenge as a volunteer can be
evaluated as the barriers in guiding me from doing future community
services. For instance, how can I clean my whole backyard of my
trailer in the scorching sun with my neighbor’s dog barking for no
reason? Or in other cases how can I pertain to being devoted into my
passion when the sport I favor and participate is not exactly what
everyone else think is fun? My answer is I ignore the barriers and
get work repaired and guided for future community service workers
with an addition of students. I volunteered as a four year golf
captain for my school community to make every “stroke” for my
family and my high school name without missing a practice or golf
“match”. I attend at orientations for incoming freshman at my
public high school to encourage them to get involved at this
opportunity. Representing our school with golf is something I find
most enjoyable in life for the fact is that I can lead a team as well
as maintaining my grades facilitated by my hard effort as a
satisfaction with a good purpose to not give up. Reforming the
community in my term is also including aiding family from babysitting
to encouraging siblings to have an creative mind of the fact that it
is the beginning of establishing new ideas and creativity to provide
additional effort to improve society. In my high school program known
as “TRIO” I have remarkably compiled my community service purpose
including my Church of San Martin de pores of becoming a catholic and
a continuous volunteer for other communities as well as mine.

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