Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Your Influence On Others

Name: Elias Gribble
From: Vancouver, Washington
Grade: 12
School: Vancouver School of Arts and Academics
Votes: 0

I’ll be honest when I say that I am quite the individualist and do not care too much
to involve myself in many activities. As a pretty meek and shy person
I never wanted to throw myself out into a place where I could be
easily analyzed or judged. But from an early age I pushed myself to
engage through a variety of organizations such as boy-scouts and
volunteering and church. It doesn’t take much work to realize that
all people have different gifts and privileges, and that some people
were born into a life of little to no access to the amenities and
supplies that you have. So share what you have, be it time, food,
shelter or money; through giving you not only expand your own life
but the life of others.

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