Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – My Involvement in My Community

Name: Alexis Raven Starr' Dew
From: Chicago , IL
Grade: College sophomore
School: Chicago State University
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R.S. Dew

10, 2016

    My Involvement in Community Service for My Community

Out of all of the other community service projects that I have
participated in, the Christmas Book Drive is the project that I enjoy
doing the most. The Christmas holiday season is a very cheerful time
that brings people together, but it is not always a cheery season for
everyone. Before I began participating in the holiday book drive it
never occurred to me that not every child was at home for Christmas
Break with their families waiting for Santa Claus to come. There are
lots of children who are very ill and must stay in the hospital
instead of spending the holidays with their loved ones. It saddens me
to see anyone have to struggle, but especially children.

I believe that all sick children should receive better hospital care.
Children hospitals should also provide more special events and
activities for their pediatric patients to participate in when they
are feeling lonesome, especially during the holidays. I know that
there is more that can be done for the children. In order to
participate in the book drive, you must donate at least one
children’s book and write a letter to the child that the book is for.
I usually give the child a fairy tale storybook because those were my
favorite books to read when I was little. I would like for the child
who receives my books to develop an act for reading and see reading
as a fun thing to do.

Since I have been participating annually in the book drive my entire
outlook on life has changed. I would like to join more community
service projects that involve improving lives. I am also thinking
about creating a few community service projects of my own. Giving
back is very important to me because it expresses my concern for
making an impact on people. It is such an honor to be able to help

The children’s beautiful spirits inspired me to continue donating.
Although I have never met any of the children who I have donated to,
I picture them keeping smiles on their faces while battling their
illnesses. I am able to see the benefits of contributing my time to
community service. I enjoy sharing the experiences and knowledge I
gain from the children with my classmates, friends, and family.

Completing 460 hours of community service opened my eyes to all of the
possibilities of helping citizens in and outside of my community. As
I enter the next chapter of my life I believe that I will always be
involved in community service. Not only because I think it is
important and enhances my leadership, but because it is something
that I enjoy participating in. I love bringing joy to people and
through community service I can express my passion for helping

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