Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – More than just volunteering

Name: Tavin Emlund
From: West Lafayette, Indiana
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Carter Scholarship

Giving back to the community means everything to me. A community being where
I am from isn’t as large as one would presume. Where I grew up, the
population stood at about 700 people roughly with a graduating class
of only 49 students including myself. Now that I have moved a little
further from home to pursue my degree, I do all I can do give back to
my hometown and the high school I graduated from. I currently asset
myself in returning from college time to time to help out
volunteering in at the South Newton Senior High School Track and
Field program. I volunteer when I can in assisting all grade levels
given time when I am not at school, training, or at work for that
matter. I make time for all these things in my life as stressful as
it is but I love doing it.

We have such a young group of kids without being noticed like how
they would be like at a big school, it helps a lot knowing you do
what you can to help. I love being able to help students and athletes
in all honesty. This not only shows the growth and potential you see
as you would when you were that age, but it really reflects on
yourself as well. To break it down in more detailed terms, giving
back isn’t something you say you are going to do or should feel
like you should, it should come naturally. By this time now, I
haven’t even realized how much time I really do put into this
community until I write about it. It isn’t about the amount of
hours you log for something like that or how well you can write a
paper about it at all. Community work isn’t work at all, it’s a
life style.

People now a days would much rather make a decent lifestyle on their own
without any hesitation on giving back. I for one could never see
myself being able to live my life that way. I think that when I do
achieve everything in life that I want to, I will move back home and
continue to give all my attention to the younger guys and girls. It’s
crazy to think about how so many people want to move away from the
community and venture off into other place surrounded by nobody. I
just cannot see myself doing that.

In conclusion I leave you with this, we all live in a world where we can
give back or live lone some. We aren’t defined about how much we
give back but the quality in which we give back. Without people in
this world to care for others we wouldn’t be a community at all. In
fact, we would never survive as a community. Lastly, I’d like to
share this quote as it is what I live by. “We cannot seek
achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity
for our community. Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the
aspirations and needs of others, for their sakes and for our own.”
– CC

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