Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – The Kids Are The Future

Name: Alyssa Fontaine
From: Salisbury, Maryland
Grade: 11
School: Wicomico High School
Votes: 0

I’ve never volunteered at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen, even though I
would like to branch out into those areas in the future. My heart is
in the community, helping young kids and being a guide to them. I
grew up in the semi-small town of Salisbury, MD. I was involved in
cheerleading and an after-school program during middle school where
many of the people who worked there were volunteers. Those are the
people I learned majority of my life lessons from that I still carry
with me today. They made a lasting impact on my life that I continue
to share with the kids around me. No one ever said you had to get
credit for volunteering, because you don’t. It’s something that
you do because you want to. I help kids around me because I want to.
The biggest challenge always comes at the beginning because everyone
was raised differently so you have to adapt to each child’s
individual mindset. You have to learn what makes them angry and what
makes them happy. You have to connect with them in different ways so
that they’re never uninterested. I play games with them and teach
them new words so that can be successful in school. I take them
outside so that they can become close with nature and know as they
grow older that they have to take care of their planet. I give them
healthy snacks so that they know that their health is important when
they grow to be big and strong. I intervene in issues and teach them
how to properly deal with issues so that they grow up and know that
they can talk through their issues and not rely on violence. The most
rewarding part of helping kids develop important life skills is
knowing that you made a change in their life and that when they grow
up they will use the life tools you taught them to be successful.
Our town has started to become a very dangerous place and I volunteer
in hopes that the kids I assist can grow up and make things better.
They can set a precedent and help everyone around them to be better
people. The biggest lesson from volunteering is that even the most
damaged child has the sweetest heart and all they want is love and to
give love. I plan to help kids my entire life and help guide them so
that they can make a difference in the world.

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