Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – L.I.F.E and how to live it!

Name: Alexis Howard
From: Nashville, Tn
Grade: College Senior
School: Tennessee State University
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and how you live it!

Life, you never understand the importance of every move that you make, and how it can
affect others. My goal in life is to ultimately be able to give back
in any way that I can. While living in Nashville I have volunteered
very often. Most of the volunteer work that I have conducted is
geared towards young women. I have volunteered at the rescue mission,
I was a mentor in Big Brothers Big Sisters for three years, taking
misfortunate children to shop for Christmas gifts and I have helped
repaint an elementary school, just to mention a few.

Young women have been my main focus because they should understand their importance
and self-love. So many women are abused in many more ways than
physically. You never know how any act will affect their day or
their outlook on life. I chose to focus more on young women because
I was one of those young women who needed someone to help me. Young
women may have both of their parents but they still may not have that
open line of communication that helps answer questions you may be
afraid to ask.

One of the challenges that I have run across with volunteering would be with
time. I am I full time student, working almost full time, and I also
play a huge roll in my organization at school. I do try and maintain
at least 20 hours of community service within two months. As a
volunteer you have to remain self-less. That is the biggest part that
I’ve learned is that most people have a hard time comprehending the
situation they may be helping with. At first I did it because I
thought I was supposed to, to build a resume, or to get into an
organization but when I realized it was what I wanted to do, it made
a world of a difference. Being patient and smiling and giving back
from your heart is the best thing about volunteer work.

My major is chemistry, but post graduation I want to actually start my own
mentoring group, as well as coaching AAU basketball. I want to be
able to be a support system to local girls in Florida. I want to
have my own business, but within that business I want to provide
internship opportunities and financial aid scholarships, because I
know how hard they are to get sometimes.

All of our lives we have heard; do unto others as you want done unto you. So give back!
You never know who you will run across, and you never know how much
of an impact they will have on you or visa versa.

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