Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Latinos Unidos Volunteering- Maria Dominguez

Name: Maria Karime Dominguez Gomez
From: Garden Grove, California
Grade: High School Junior
School: Bolsa Grande High School
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Unidos Volunteering Work

Maria Karime
Dominguez Gomez

April 8, 2016

Deadline: May 1st

To begin with the area that I have chosen to volunteer my time is to the Latinos Unidos
Club in my school site in Bolsa Grande High School and districtwide
by being the vicepresidente of community service for Garden Grove
Unified School District. I chose this volunteering club because apart
from organizing and participating in community service such as senior
orphanage, elementary school mentoring, homeless food packing, etc. I
as president of my school site and vice-president of community
service district wide with the rest of the officer members and our
advisers we have an opportunity to encourage Latino students to
graduate high school, attend to a four year university, and choose a
career that will bring them satisfaction as well as stable economic
wealth statues. I have volunteered for this club for two years though
is difficult to count the hours I have volunteered since I am always
trying to increase the Latino university attendance and volunteering
by preparing events or presentations. An approximate of my hourly
volunteer per month is of 40 hours per month.

As a volunteer of Latinos Unidos Club I have many responsibilities.
First of all, constantly meeting and contacting my advisors for
planning of events and presentation content, I make sure that events
are organized for our advisors and make sure I informed them and
incorrigible ask them to participate. Also, when the events are
districtwide such as Culture Night, or Latinos Unidos district wide
conference I with the rest of the officer members are responsible for
contacting other district high schools, planning agenda, writing
scripts, and communicating with the public. Overall, I make sure that
I am a good role model academically and personally in order to be an
example for another Latino students.

Also, within the volunteering work there are many challenges that I
experience. One is that due to my other school activities with
sports, organizations, and academics it sometimes seems difficult
for me at times to manage and organize my events for them to not
interfere with other volunteering works. Likewise, doing a lot and a
variety of volunteering work may stress me by having to have
everything organized for presentations, community and social events,
and district wide events. Sometimes when a person is put through so
many important responsibilities that person may get worried and
nervous when pursuing its responsibilities. Even though I experience
all of these challenges I will always volunteer for this club because
it gives me the satisfaction that I am contributing to the Latino
university graduates increment. Overall, what I have learned for my
volunteering position is that life is full of challenges and
opportunities, yet it is our responsibility to take advantage of
those opportunities and responsibilities in order to grow as a person
because life will always and it normally that it has challenges.

Lastly, in fact volunteering in this club by increasing the representation of
Latinos has inspired me to aim for a career, masters, doctorate, and
job. As a career as well this club has inspired me to become a
lawyer. counselor, or teacher in order to protect other Latinos and
inform them by the opportunities and goals that they can reach.
Personally, as I said before world via I seek to foster the
increasement of Latinos university graduates, and even though the
Latinos culture and individuals are considered as an inferior
ethnicity worldwide, worldwide I view a world with more positive
Latino individual contributions in the world weather is humanitarian,
academic, advocacy, sports, etc. Overall, If I were to come back in
ten, twenty or even thirty years I do think that my volunteer
activities would have made a difference because through my projecting
inspirational words I know that it reached various individuals and at
least a few of the I have inspired to have a career or contribute to
society. Lastly, since our club has only existed for three years my
contribution for this club as a responsible leadership will
encourages other upcoming generations and students to be in my
position as well overall been an inspiration to them.

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