Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Leadership In Serving

Name: Breanna Sturdivant
From: Powder Springs, Georgia
Grade: 12th
School: University of Georgia
Votes: 3

My senior year of high school I was selected by my Beta sponsor for a
“Chick-fil-a Leadership Academy” event. The event was hosted at a
variety of high schools in an attempt to package a million meals. My
school alone packaged 35,000 meals for those who would have otherwise
starved. I was a table leader and was responsible for 12 middle
schoolers. I taught them how to complete their packing tasks
efficiently. Individually I was responsible for packing bags in a box
and delivering it to be dropped off. The experience was
unforgettable. A lasting feeling lingered for weeks after that made
me feel that I had truly made a difference. The 6 hours I spent with
masking tape and a hair net would help feed many. As a teenager, it
is not often that I am able to lead a group of others and be apart of
something instrumental in the lives of many.

Initiall when I started the project I was anxious to meet the individuals I
would be leading. When I am in a position of leadership I grow
anxious. If I did not teach them how to correctly measure lentils the
bags would break and that would be one less meal for a family. Then I
had some sort of epiphany. The project was much larger than my
anxiety. In the end, I led my team to the best of my ability and we
reached our goal. From this project I gained an unforgettable
experience as well as a better understanding of leadership. A great
leader is a person who is able to understand that they are smaller
than the goal in front of them and that they must do whatever it
takes to lead their counterparts to success. Similar to Jackie
Robinson, a man who fully comprehended what his position in the MLB
meant for colored people. The trait that he possessed is the ability
to understand your importance while also moving towards something
larger than oneself–humility. I realized this at the Chick-fil-a
event and I am sure Mr. Robinson did at one point in his life.

As I go on the begin my post-secondary education I am fortunate enough
to take these memories with me. My career as a lawyer will be marked
with many opportunities to help others. One way I imagine myself of
giving back is to occasionally take on cases where I know the client
will not be able to pay me. Philanthropy, I believe, will also play a
major role in my life. At night thoughts plague me that suggest that
I do not do enough to help those suffering and starving in America.
We are one of the world’s greatest superpowers and our homeless
rate is entirely to high. As I grow older changing lives will
continue to be one of my biggest inspirations, and I would like to
think my motivation truly originated with masking tape and 12 middle

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