Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Library Volunteer

Name: Hannah Lillian Smith
From: Wilson, North Carolina
Grade: Junior (11th)
School: Wilson Early College Academy
Votes: 0

I currently volunteer at my local library. I spend two hours a week doing this,
but I previously volunteered for four hours a week. My school
schedule changed drastically this past semester, constricting the
amount of time I have free for volunteering. My tasks are those that
the librarians do not have time to do. I withdraw books, shift
shelves, search for lost books, laminate posters, and set up
displays. Occasionally I work in the AV department and help with the
DVDs. I make sure they are clean and put them in the correct order on
the shelves if they have gotten out of order. My biggest challenge
has been knowing I will be doing this without pay. That seems like a
selfish challenge, but it is true. I have to remind myself that
helping others is the best reward. I have gotten the most
satisfaction out of working with the books. I love reading and the
close proximity to so many books has been a dream come true. I have
learned that it takes many different people to run an organization
smoothly. There is a head librarian and librarians that are in charge
of the other parts of the library. There is a Young Adult librarian,
a Genealogy librarian, and AV librarian, and a Children’s

I intend to be an English teacher when I graduate, so working with so many books has
given me an idea of which ones I would like to use in my classroom. I
think that “forward looking” means seeing what your future will
hold and acting accordingly. If you plan to be a doctor, then you
would volunteer at your local hospital. I believe that my
volunteering at the library is forward thinking. There isn’t much
world-changing I can do while volunteering at the library, but I do
hope to foster a love for reading. I am around a lot of younger
children and I hope they see what I do as an incentive to read. I
think my activities will have made an influence because I am a
positive influence at the library. I try to do everything with a
smile. The librarians have dealt with enough disgruntled patrons,
they do not need to add me to that list.

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