Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Life from the ashes

Name: Hager Adel Amer Mohamed
From: Egypt, Suez
Grade: 4th year of university
School: faculty of pharmacy
Votes: 1

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of
. This small quote said by Mahatma Gandhi
has made a great improvement in my thoughts.I was an ordinary person
with a very limited dreams till I once saw this quote and felt it. I
have improved my passion and my skills a lot since then.I cannot
imagine a day passing without searching for a new achievement .

I have chosen to volunteer in health care awareness
in the slums
. I have voulnteered for 12 hours per week.My responsabilities as a
volunteer included :

-Prepare information on the methods of prevention of the disease assembled in
a creative way.

-Talk to people about the disease in a simplified manner.

-Help patients in getting the necessary tests.

-Convince healthy people to donate blood.

My biggest chalenge was when I was visiting an old lady who lives alone
laying on the floor and screaming out of pain , she had no money to
get her medicine, no children to check on her,
made the necessary first aid and could finally safe her life.

The most satisfication I have is when I see little girl in the slums
learned how to talk to people about the disease and I see her after
she left her school ,looking forward to become a doctor to deal with
her family illnesses

Be the change you want to see in tne world , Volunteering is not just
helping people. It is the power of feeling their pain and the ability
to heal it. when you become one of them , happy when they laugh,
miserable when they pain , only then you will be able to hlep them.
My volunteering experience made me learn:

-Love of teamwork

-determination to goal

-skill to deal with people in different cultures and ages .

-Experience in finding creative solutions to problems.



I am studying pharmacy and that helped me to focus and achiefe my goals
in health care. My study of diseases and their risk made me more
experience in raising awareness against the disease and dealing with

My farward looking includes establishing an organization which seeks to
provida a free health care for people in slums.In slums, people can
not afford the cost of treatment and they die with no hope.I seek to
make the slumbs a bitter place to live with More consciously and less
diseases .there will not be a child dies with no medicine or a mother
abandon her medicines to feed her kids .

I hope in ten years, My activities in volunteering would make a
in reducing the number of death due to lack of awareness. I will be
able to see the smile of poor children without tears of pain in
their eyes. And I will be the change I want to see in the world .

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