Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Life Changing

Name: Alexandra Marie Edelmann
From: Los Alamos , New Mexico
Grade: 12 High School Senior
School: Los Alamos High School
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El Nido

Alamos, NM 87544

Forward Scholarship


Volunteering is an activity I find salvation in. Helping others is what has always
brought me joy, especially for those in critical need. I spent much
of my high school career working with churches in my community
helping homeless shelters and donation campaigns to give basic
resources to those who don’t have the luxury of regularly having
them. I assisted them in finding jobs that could drag them out of
poverty with a little dedication. I also spent a load of time working
with unprivileged youth to learn about the wonderful work of God, and
was able to educate them on both standard subjects (i.e. english,
writing, math, science) and the Bible, which helped pull several kids
out of drug use. I devoted at least 5 hours a week for volunteer
work, consistently throughout my four years or high school. I had the
honor of speaking directly to kids and giving clothes and food to
homeless families and individuals. As of recent, I issued and lead
an any-donation campaign to help those in ecuador after the massive
earthquakes. Donations from money to clothes and food were accepted,
and by bringing my community to help with this disaster, we made a
huge impact on families and people who have lost their families.
These experiences brought me to learning a lot about myself and
humanity. We all have an ability to help those in need, whether that
need is basic living necessities, God, or education. Bringing people
together to help with one issue can make a huge difference in a
tragedy. Letters of graciousness were sent back from Ecuador and
people could not be more grateful for the incoming donations. I
realized how enlightening it is for me to have that ability to make
an impact on someone’s life like that, and I plan on continuing to
serve and be there for people who are in a cry for help. The biggest
challenge for me being an active volunteer was seeing first-hand the
pain and suffering of certain people. My heart would break for every
person I gratefully worked with, but I have no regrets; I was able to
cause positive impacts on many people’s lives, and that is one of the
best feelings a person could ask for.

My activities are forward looking. I helped people in potentially
life-changing ways. People had their lives flipped around after
working with our organization. If I were to return to visit these
people, our/my service would be clear in making a difference in their

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