Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – My life as a Volunteer

Name: Lauren Haggart
From: Houghton Lake, michigan
Grade: junior in high school
School: Houghton Lake High School
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My life as a Volunteer

By Lauren Haggart

Volunteering is not just helping people or baking for a fundraiser, its donating your personal time for something that other people care about. Many young people
need to volunteer to experience giving to others and thinking of
someone besides themselves. For me, volunteering has become a very
important part of my life. It has made me grow and become the person
I am today, taught me many lessons, and has open my mind and my heart
to other people.

As a National Honor Society
member there is not a certain area that I volunteer in. I have served
at my church, raked leaves for the elderly, baged toiltries for
homeless people, held spegattii benefit dinners, and more. I never
really “chose” any of these volunteer opportunities, but when
something came up I stepped up to help out. I tried to be at every
event or activity that volunteers were needed. I would work 30
minutes to 3 hours at a time. It just depended on what I was doing
and how long I was needed. Throughout this year I have given 24 hours
of volunteer time. Spending all this time volunteering I have become
more giving and thoughtful of others. I don’t just think of what I
want anymore, but of what others might want. Volunteering has also
taught me a lot.

When I volunteered I could be
doing anything. From serving people at a spegatti dinner to being at
a preists side during mass my responsibilites where different every
time. This has taught me to be ready for anything and more
knowledgable. I can just jump into something because I’ve already
done it before and know what to do. However, the hardest part is
being able to jump into something if I don’t have the time. I am in
high school and very busy, sometimes I have to squeeze volunteering
into my schedule, but I’m always able to make it work. I have
learned to manage my time well though which has made me more
organized. I really think that this is the best part about
volunteering. All the new things and skills I learn really help me to
grow and become a person I want to be. I’ve learned to be
organized, how to be a server, baby-sit little kids, work a
concessions stand, and more. All of theses skills are good to learn,
and good for my future.

In the future I want to serve
people. I’m going into law to become a lawyer or an attorney. I
want to protect innocent people and put the criminals in jail. I know
the volunteering I’m doing now won’t really help with the law
part of my future. However, volunteering will help me know how to
help other people and understand what they could be feeling or
thinking, which is what you want to know as a lawyer. You want to be
able to open your mind and heart to them. This is a really “forward
looking” part of my life. A part of my life that will help me move
forward and take a step up in my life. I  Like in my future i
hope my decisions to help people by volunteering will inspire others
to do the same. I also believe that I can and will do this. People
that see others helping out and volunteering will have the urge to do
the same. I want to make volunteering something that everyone wants
to do.

In my life I have done a lot
of volunteering, but I still have so much to learn and want to learn.
Volunteering has definitely changed me and I have become someone that
I’m proud to be. I have become the person I am today, learned many
lessons, and opened my mind and heart to others. Volunteering is
important and I’m proud to call myself a volunteer, as should
anyone else that volunteers.

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